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    Default metallic clink in right ear


    in my right ear, anything that has a "medium" sound lvl (65+ dB) causes a metallic clink in my right ear, I can hear it without HAs when yelling and sligthly when talking, and when I cover my right ear with my hand and talk. I can hear it extremly loud when I use HAs, all kinds of HAs that is.

    CIC Q90, Phonak Belang V 50 RIC + Pwer dome, Phonak Naida V 90, Oticon OPN. MY ENT said my ear drums swing normally, made a test, and that I have conductive hearing loss and that I could reach 100% comprehension in 65dB with HAs.

    I was tested with HAs and had 100% comprehension @ 65dB and 75% at a lower threshhold.

    Still I always hear that metallic clink in my right ear with HAs, which causes my psyche to drop and even though I have a rather good comprehension it could be better without that sound.

    I will make an appointment in a clinic later next week, but wanted to ask you guys for your feedback.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

    As far as I can tell that metallic clink started slightly with my tinitus 10 years ago, but the last couple of weeks it is not possible to ignore it.

    10 years ago when I needed HAs I was tested by an ENT and in a clinic and they haven't found anything specific, however I didn't mention that sound, as I was unsure of its origin(my ear, or is it the aids, I'm positive it is my ear now).
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    Left/Right//kHz // Oticon OPN1 105dB Power Mold with Canal Lock

    60/70// 0.5

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