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Thread: Civility

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    And then, woe, there are the _Canadian_ snowflakes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by corona View Post
    And then, woe, there are the _Canadian_ snowflakes.
    Will they turn to slush due to Global Warming?
    'He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.'
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    I like Doc Jake and his sage advice.
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    How many folks ask you questions that they would know the answers to if they would simply read your basic links?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimisbell View Post
    I also ask simple questions. It iis MY way of doing research! I go to the place on the internet that has the most knowledgeable people, then I ask my stupid questions. Seems like logical research to me.

    The phrase "controlled by" in the quote by MDB bother me just a little. What is berating to some just a poke in the ribs to another. being "attacked" is to another just playing "devils advocate" or stimulating thought process.

    As to
    A simple Google search can also open up a treasure trove of information.
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    "The most knowledgeable people"

    have you figured itit out yet?

    Try audiology online for good basic information plus information on specific aids

    Then google as mentioned

    Here anything past limited basic stuff is fan-boys promoting their preferred brand, Audie's are money grubbers, the wonders of sell programming and the wonders of Apple direct streaming.

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    Let me get this straight so you are saying that you may not get the best medical advice from an anonymous internet forum when you have no idea the qualification of the person giving said advice? Would it also be that that this unknown "medical" advisor person has not seen you in person or administered any tests as such would not be able to give a proper diagnosis?

    Shocked I tell you.

    I will now go back to the open heart surgery forum while I digest this.

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    I'm having trouble recalling the title I initially gave this thread
    250 500 1K 1.5K 2K 3K 4K 6K 8K Costco KS7
    R 25 50 60 60 60 50 50 50 65 SRT: 55dB WRS: 84% @85dB
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    >>Shocked I tell you.

    Good advice:
    "Do not believe every quote you see on the Internet"
    Winston Churchill 1944.

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    Corona, thanks for starting this post! As a new user, I found it most interesting. After reading your post, I have found and taken advantage of the "ignore" function!

    Some forums do a good job of self filtering, some don't. So far, this one looks like one of the latter. Fortunately it looks like the ignore function helps with the problem.

    As with most of the internet, there is much useful info, but you have to filter out a lot of bad info, and unfortunately, some unnecessary stuff too.

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