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Thread: New member wondering if I'm wasting my time with hearing aids

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    Quote Originally Posted by d-dogg View Post
    Hello, 55 y/o male whose ears have been ringing for the last 30 years.

    Single round fired from a .357 MGM in an Arroyo without hearing protection in 1985. Ears have rung ever since. Right ear worse than left (go figure as I shoot right handed.

    The military told me then (and several times since, there was really nothing which could be done.

    30 years later and well insured, I saw an audiologist who set me up in a $6,000 pair of hearing aids. A lot of fancy talk about trans positioning, etc. following pretty much the same hearign test I took 30 years ago (has hearing diagnosis really not changed in 30 years). A month and 3 visits into these things, I am returning them for (hopefully) a full refund.

    The bottom line is the people I perceived as mumbling previously still mumble. The people who I could understand, I still understand, but have to filter out the click, crunch, and rattle of the HAs to understand them. The people whom I perceived as too loud, I now want to throat punch. The wind noise of my old car sounds like a woman being eviscerated alive. In summary, everything new that I hear with the HAs is just annoying noise.

    Frustrated enough to find a calibrated online hearing test, you could describe my hearing loss as:
    Freq 250 500 1k 2k 4k 8k
    L 32 51 32 21 80 71
    R 32 41 31 31 80+ 80+

    Additionally, I would estimate my tinnitus tone as around 8k (using an online generator).

    I'm old enough to realize audiologists are ultimately HA salesmen, so I understand they are not going to tell me there is just no way to help. But after this experience, I am concluding (at least the pricey HAs I have), there may be no help.

    So, my question is if anyone is in the same boat, hearing wise, and has actually found an HA brand that works for symptoms similar to mine?

    Alternatively, does anyone know of a brand of HA or Personal Sound Amplification Product which allows end user programming? I'd like to be able to customize the gain levels of various frequencies myself to see if I can get any relief.

    I'd like to find an HA with (I assume) extended reproduction/amplification capabilities. From what I can tell, most work between 250Hz and 8,000Hz, with a maximum gain of 80bB. Since my right ear hearing loss at 4K and 8K is more than 80dB, I woudl guess I need something with a bit more power.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

    I would absolutely look into getting hearing aids with a tinnitus feature. seems to be popular amongst the DIYers, so I'd look over there. I also have tinnitus, and I find that when it gets bad, there's no stopping it. Next time I get HAs I will also be looking for that feature. Oticon, Widex, are two that family members of mine wear, and they swear by them. Also, when you get a hearing test, ask if they can change the tones according to your tinnitus. I don't remember what it's called, but they can do something so that they get a better reading of your hearing.

    Good luck.

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    If you have aids that can stream, all the app stores have a variety of tinnitus apps. You can try them to see what works.
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    You need to get a proper audiology test done. Find a good audiologist in your area and go from that appointment. When I was trying HA's I tried Oticons and didn't like them. So I tried some other brands, just because someone tries to sell you a particular brand ask to try several brands as they all differ slightly. If the audiologist you choose won't let you do this do a ring around and find one that does. Good luck ..

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    I also feel that challenging as your hearing loss may be to fit (steep drop-off), there should be an easy way to just look at the frequency channels (using the software for your aids on the monitor at an audiologist's) and simply adjust vast swaths of them! This is kind of what I do, as I need a LOT of boosting in the lower frequencies, but for speech clarity and dynamic range of music listening, I have had to really adjust the whole GRID of frequency channels. I hope that makes sense? It definitely requires multiple visits (altho I think several here DIY at home, having bought the software and running it on their own PC) to get it just right. Persevere! There is a better fit waiting to happen with your aids (or try other brands till you find the right set).

    Everyone's hearing preference is unique. Before I bought my new Oticon Opn miniRITE aids, I tried out the Widex and Resound aids. Neither one provided the sound quality I wanted (or was used to even with my 4-yr-old Agil Pros). Good luck to you!
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    Fwiw I took the online hearing test at and it was anywhere from 20% to 200% lower in db than the Costco test. It was the closest in the 2-3K range. Very inaccurate.

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