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Thread: Resound TV Streamer with Amazon Fire Box

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    I have the Resound Cala 8 with the TV streamer and using the optical jack on my TV. When watching HBOGO on the Amazon Fire Box the video will freeze and give an error message after a few moments. It will then go back to the HBO app. When I restart watching video the same thing will repeat itself. I haven't tried using the RCA jacks yet but this might narrow down the problem. Any ideas?

    Also the sound quality leaves a bit to be desired. Would plugging the streamer into a sound bar help?


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    It only happens when watching hbo but not when watching anything else?

    Seems to be a well known problem..

    Start here..
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    Soundbar will help others but not you. You can try turning the audio from surround to stereo. That helps a lot of us get better results.
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    Bear in mind that sound mixing can produce sound that is not the easiest to hear. Listen to the evening news. If that comes in clear but the movies do not likely the fault is in the source. I've heard tell that movies are recorded in six track sound but mixed down to stereo for broadcast. In that situation you are relying on the talent of the person doing the mixing.

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