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    I just picked up my custom molds from Costco. I got them from a Costco with a very new hearing aid department so I think the technician doesn't know all of the mold options that are available through Costco and doesn't know exactly what I am looking for. What I ended up with are hard, presumably acrylic molds made by Westone. I can already tell I'm not going to like them. One ear isn't very comfortable, they don't have adjustable vents and they seem to loosen when I chew. Also, these do not positively click onto my Siemens receivers.

    I believe what I want are some medium hard molds that will fit my Siemens Click receivers with adjustable vents. I don't know what these are called. Can anybody help me identify what I am looking for so I can properly ask for it when I return them? This is the Brooklyn Costco. I'll probably end up going to the one in Harlem or the one in Queens if anyone is familiar with either of those locations.

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    Westone will make what you are looking, specifically. The ones you had made, if they are not right can be returned and replaced. If needs be, you can have new impressions made and try again from Square 1.

    Be picky. Make sure you get what you want and be picky.

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    There are two products used for molds: acrylic(hard) and silicon(soft). Molds normally are adjustable using either spikes or donuts to that can reduce the vent from the size delivered. Silicon skeleton molds tend to deteriorate with time because of thinness issues. The biggest reason they are used is to prevent feedback.
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    There are more than two different materials used to make earmolds, yours sounds like it needs to be modified or remade. Attached are a couple files that helps explain there differences and there uses.
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