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Thread: Some tip after OPN new firmware update

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    Yes - I totally get that AutoPhone will likely override my dedicated phone program (now Program #3). That's ok as long as it works as good as my Program 3! And to set it up, I was literally looking at the computer monitor as my aud-guy did this. He goes to the program page, where you see I think 4-5 empty lines under the LEFT aid and the RIGHT aid. That's where Program 1 is set for default, Program 2 for whatever, and so on. So both right aid and left aid have a column of these program options.

    After he scrolled down to the Program 3 bar, he seemed to click an icon that said "Phone". From there, he first tweaked the frequencies on my left aid to simply boost GAIN; he then clicked on the right aid's frequency chart and muted it down. I've tried it out, and the volume is like 15% MORE than what I'd hear in Program 1 for the left aid; right aid is nearly completely muted, but I can still hear someone to my right side if they chime in. Hope that makes sense.

    He then went to a completely different screen to check that AutoPhone had indeed been enabled - as indicated by two big "check marks". I think that option was under a list in the top left of the screen? Since I have not heard that "DONG!" when on the phone, it appears that I have simply not encountered any phone yet that triggers that mode! Curious! I don't know what kind of phone would even trigger it. Obviously not my Samsung Galaxy S6 Global, nor my Ooma landline phone.

    I can't complain! I hear great with these aids on the phone - thanks in LARGE part to the bigger power domes that provide a snugger seal. If I do call Anthem in future, I'll simply put my old Oticon Agil Pros in, put the StreamerPro necklace on, and go for it! Until that newer clip-on streamer comes out, I'm satisfied with the best of two worlds instead of just one.

    One last footnote: after the firmware upgrade, I DID have to re-pair my aids to the TV Streamer to get that to work again. Tested it out, and all's good. But I should keep that in mind for future firmware upgrades: pairing may have to be redone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Volusiano View Post
    The Autophone will override whatever mode you're in and automatically take you to the OPN phone mode when/if it detects the magnet on the phone handset or headset that you put over the HA. So if you have both a special dedicated phone program and the Autophone coexisting together, as long as you use something that doesn't trigger the Autophone then it's OK and you'll get your dedicated signal. But if you uses something that triggers Autophone but you want to use the dedicated special phone program, you won't be able to. I may be stating the obvious here and you already know this potential conflict.

    It'd be interesting to see how you like the Autophone (if you can ever find something that triggers it) compared to your dedicated phone program. Did your audi tell you what he did to set up the dedicated phone program for you? I'm curious to know how it's set up differently compared to the normal default program.
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    ^^^Thanks for explaining your audi's procedure to set the dedicated custom phone program for you, 1Bluejay.

    Since you said that you saw the audi select "Phone" for that program, I now suspect it's one and the same phone program that the Autophone will switch the OPN to automatically if the magnet is detected. The only difference is that Autophone detects the presence of a magnet and puts the OPN into that phone mode. But now without the detection of a phone magnet, you can still manually go to that dedicated phone mode since the audi has already set up for you. In my case, however, the only way I can go to that phone mode is through Autophone since my audi didn't set up a phone program for me.

    Now what would be interesting to learn is if or when you find a phone handset that has a magnet that triggers Autophone on your OPN, whether the phone mode it takes you to is that same dedicated phone mode the audi set up for you already (with the diminished volume on the right HA and upped volume on the left HA), or whether Autophone will take you to a different default phone mode where the left and right volume is still the same.

    The reason why it's interesting to know is because while you may want to have more volume on the left and less volume on the right for a single-sided phone situation, if you happen to come upon a dual-speaker phone headset later on, then you would want equal volume on both the left and right ear. So if you're taken to the same phone mode that's been programmed by your audit either by Autophone automatically or by you manually, you now won't have an option to use a dual-speaker phone headset in case you ever want to.

    And yes, I also had to reprogram my HAs to the TV streamer 3.0 again after the firmware update. It looks like you haven't used the Android OPN program yet because if you did, you'd probably also have to unpair and repair your OPNs on your Android phone again.
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  3. Default firmware update and pairing problems

    [QUOTE=Abarsanti;147207]At my last adjustment, I requested that the autophone feature be turned on along with some other tweaks. After the adjustment, I started having pairing issues with my iPhone. I could only connect 1 aid and thus streaming only came in to 1 ear. I went through a bunch of steps to try to unpair and re-pair the aids, but nothing worked. Finally, I was told that the aids needed to have the firmware updated to the most recent version to correct the pairing issue. I then asked the fitter to try turning off the autophone and see if that would allow both aids to again be paired with my iPhone. As soon as the autophone feature was turned off, the aids now both pair back to my iPhone. The fitter thinks that the new firmware update specifically addresses some pairing issues with iPhone so they are still going to update the firmware for me and hopefully then the autophone feature can be turned back on without any pairing issues.[/QUOT

    Abarsanti- Did you and your audi ever answer the question of why your Opns would not pair? I just went to pick up a new pair of Opns after demoing some in December. They would connect to my Iphone but not as a pair, only on separate lines? Is this the problem you were having? We had the most recent firmware version installed?

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    It was some sort of glitch after turning on the autophone feature. We were able to get it paired to the iPhone by turning off the autophone. Later turned the autophone back on and haven't had the problem since.

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