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Thread: New test need interpretation and suggestions

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    I do not have the knowledge to answer.
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    That has not stopped others in the past

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misha View Post
    Thank you!
    I was surprised that my word recognition was not done at regular speech level. I do not think my scores would be nearly as high if they did it at 55 or 60 db. How about some of those self programming hearing aids for 3rd world countries like Siemens Lotus? Do you think they are waste of money? Also I would not want to mess up something and cause more damage. Is that even possible?
    The whole idea of speech recognition scores is to find out if you can understand speech if it is presented loud enough for you to hear it. That is why the audiologist increases the volume. They often do it at normal speech levels first. Then they increase the volume. That is meant to tell them how much you are likely to benefit from amplification via HAs. You have some loss in the lower frequencies so the correct dome/mold/fit of the HA would be important.

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    Is that audio-gram from your ENT visit?

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    No, from regular test

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    kanji will be along with his crystal ball and a hug.

    was the ENT still the blk help or has he upgraded to the drone?

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    Misha, you absolutely must make a tradeoff decision that favors your speech comprehension and ability to discriminate speech and understanding in day-to-day life! No kidding, I limped along with a wonky aid in one ear, thinking my other ear's aid would tie me over? Big mistake. I dropped from 80% word comprehension to about 50 (at the same db) within 1.5 years. The brain/ear connection is VITAL - even more so, cuz aids do not fix the problem, they merely help us (and our brains) compensate for the hearing loss and do the best job of interpretation.

    It is puzzling how vague and seemingly unhelpful your ENT is! GO to another one. If the condition is "hereditary" examine your family tree: IS IT? If not, you got a line of BS. Main point is, whether hereditary or not, getting worse or not, you have to make your hearing (and quality living) priority #1. Other things can be postponed to save money for this. Hearing is critical! You can't even drive, walk, work out safely at the gym, or be truly independent unless you have confidence in hearing. Good luck getting this resolved.

    Quote Originally Posted by Misha View Post
    Honestly they were a bit vague about it. They seem to believe it is reasonable to expect it will progress further anyway considering my age and how much it changed in the past year and a half. ENT explained that it is important to be able to hear as much as possible to preserve speech recognition in a long run if I understood that correctly. For me personally it is a struggle between cost and short term and long term benefit
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    I don't know your age - so perhaps you are still too young - but I think that "seniors" get to deduct the cost of aids on their taxes as a medical expense. Can anyone here confirm that? My mom & ma-law did this, but they were in their late 80s, so I don't know if it's 65+ or what.

    Might be worth finding out from a tax consultant?

    Quote Originally Posted by Misha View Post
    are they suitable with my type of loss? how easy is to program them? Do you think they can still help me if my loss increases in time? I would not want to buy something that would last 6 months or a year.
    HAs from 1985>Starkey>Phonak>Oticon Agil Pro ITE>Oticon Opn miniRITE Trial (11/16)

    KHz 0.25...0.5...1.0...2.0...3.0...4.0....6.0...8.0

    Left ..65....80....80....65.....65....60....65....90
    Right 65....80....80....75.....75....70....65....90

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