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Thread: Paying for hearing aids

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    Default Paying for hearing aids

    The cost of hearing aids seems to be a frequent theme. Here's a decent article that offers some suggestions

    It's not all inclusive, but it has some good ideas. If you need hearing aids and can't afford them, it seems like there are ways to get help, but it will likely take some legwork.
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    This should be a sticky under the hearing aid section.

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    If you have VSP vision plan, see if your also on the VSP hearing aid plan as well.
    If you have athem health care insurance , check with them, While they dont have hearing aid insurance they do have discount deals with several fitters.

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    There are also some good deals on eBay for refurbished late model HAs. I haven't gone down this road, but I saw some Phonak Naida Q90 UP refurbished HAs for under $1000 per pair, including programming. Depending on your needs, you can get molds made fairly inexpensively and be in good shape for not a lot of money.

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