1BlueJay - Great post, that was very helpful!

So now it's been four days since i cleaned my ears and i have to say it is an big improvement to what i had before, before was like having my domes blocked every morning when putting my aids in and had to fiddle around with them or replace filters.

I actually took pictures of my ear canals and noticed there is a bit of blood just on the end of the ear canal on both ears, i have had blood before but it doesn't happen often, i do however notice that blood is very likely to appear when i wear the more occluded dome (medium closed/ large closed). I will definitely be making an appointment to get this checked.

Regarding the dome material, currently wearing the smokey domes, guess i could try the clear ones again.

I do remove aids at night but also use ear plugs, however i only put these in once i wake up due to noise in the morning and only have them in like two hours before i actually wake up. That's still a good five+ hours with nothing in my ears, still i may try some ear muffs designed for sleeping.

As mentioned in a different post, something like this may be good just to temporarily clean out anything that may be getting in the way of hearing aid domes -


May actually try that tool.