It seems like a lot of issues I read about could be greatly improved by a set of Best Practices in audiology. I've seen some articles on best practices, but they have tended to be more marketing oriented. From my reading and limited experiences with hearing aids, some of the things that I think would be included would be:
1) frequencies tested for audiogram 2) bone conduction frequencies tested 3) Real Ear measurement compared to NAL-2 fitting formula and guidelines for how close a fit is desired

That's not a complete list, but it seems like if people had a set of best practices or clinical guidelines they would know what to expect and have something to judge their care by. It would also give brick and mortar businesses an advantage because there is no way online businesses could offer real ear measurements. Has anybody seen a set standards of what to expect from hearing testing and hearing aid fitting? As mentioned, I've seen some stuff labelled best practices and clinical guidelines, but they seem "soft."