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Thread: How to know if a HA is micon model?

  1. Default How to know if a HA is micon model?

    I am looking to buy used HAs just to try programme it by myself. Many people don't describe exact their HAs model. I think there's some way to know if it is a micon model. If someone know, could you please enlighten me?

    Thank you

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    Easiest way would be to ask the seller
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricked View Post
    Easiest way would be to ask the seller
    ... or load it up with Connexx 8
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    You should know exactly what you purchased. It seems many clinics avoid providing that information along with other useful data. You should get that info from the clinic to make sure you are getting what you paid for.
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    If he's buying used I image he's on the 'bay.. What's the sellers feedback? What's their return policy? Are the pictures clear or crappy?

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