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Thread: Widex Com-Dex and Telecoil

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    Default Widex Com-Dex and Telecoil

    I have had Dream 440s for three years and just went from M-Dex to Com-Dex this summer. The HA's are still working really well and the Com-Dex is fabulous - much more reliable than the M-Dex and is lighter and easier to use.

    Tonight I had the pleasure of seeing Hamilton on Broadway, but before going I met with my audiologist who turned on the T-Coil program in my Dreams. Well, the Tcoil performed brilliantly in that theater. I also tried Master, Comfort and Music modes during the performance, and to be fair, the sound quality of the show is first class even without hearing aids, but the TCoil mode was the best. You had all the principle voices crystal clear with no loss of tone while all the ambient chorus and music coming with the HA microphone off (that is how I had them programmed - no microphone in TCoil mode)

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