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Thread: Buy "used" in the canal, Phonak Bro 2's ?

  1. Default Buy "used" in the canal, Phonak Bro 2's ?

    Ok, I have a weird question. There is a person close buy that is selling some Phonak Brio 2's for $400. They are a year old, he doesn't know much more about them other than his dad doesn't need them any more. (Died?) I currently have Starkey BTE that are on their last leg. I've always wanted to try the ITC aids and this may be the way to do it? I trialed some IIC's but they were just too expensive. There have been situations where I've needed to have these off my ears. (Headphones, glasses rubbing, etc.)
    Things I know:
    1. It's weird wearing something that belonged to a deceased person..
    2. I can see from the pic that they were customized for his ear canal. Not much, but they are not "stock".
    3. They were purchased from Costco about a year ago. (I'm also a Costo member)

    Besides the obvious things that would need to be changed, programing, mold etc. I can't help but think for $400 it might be worth some hassel.
    Would Costco "remold" them for me? (Even at a cost?)
    Would the savings, only $400 for both, be "worth it"?
    I think I may be "wishing" that this deal would work too much, but thought I'd get feedback from you.
    Thanks in advance.
    ps. I know that used BTE is not as weird as used ITC, but... it may be a good deal?
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    I think your best bet would be to contact Costco and ask.
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    They would need to be transferred by the owner/heir at Costco. You should talk to the Costco hearing specialist about such a transfer. You'd be charged for the refitting of them. Such models need to be custom fit to one's canals.
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    If they're a year old, they aren't Brio 2s. The Brio 2 was only introduced at Costco in the last couple of months.
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    I'll be REAL curious to know the outcome here! I've never ever had any of my ITEs re-cased - even those with annoying leakage & squeakage! Of course, I've only gone through my dedicated aud-guy, and NOT a Costco outlet. I guess what it boils down to is taking the chip-set out of the ITEs and inserting them into a new mold. For the time, hassle and expense of this, would Costco opt to lose money on the deal and make a customer happy? Keep us posted!

    As a wearer of both BTE and ITE aids, I've always daydreamed about the ITEs - SOME DAY - being made of a more pliable, flexible material so that a better fit would be ensured. Why can't chip-sets be fixed to a silicone material like they are to hard plastic?
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