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Thread: Real Time Cell Phone Usage

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    Your KS5 were made by Siemens -- now Signia. The KS7 is also made by them. The KS6 was made by Resound. I fear you will have similar problems going from the KS5 to KS7 as the phone device is very similar. The Resound Cala is available at Costco but that would add about $1000 for it with the phone clip. You could consider trying both or ask if Costco knows someone who passed that had the KS6 that could transfer to you.

    I have the same problem you do with phones and found the KS6 really worked well at improving calls. I've used it with both Android and iPhone and both gave me much better clarity.

    KS4 was made by Rexton (which is now owned by Signia) , but KS5 (and later KS6) was made by Resound. I own KS5's. They are extremely similar to Resound Verso.

    Via the Resound Phone Clip, the KS5 will stream phone calls to both IOS and Android.

    I wear the phone clip around my neck and under my shirt.
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    Even if you went to the VA got your $6k+ aids, all the accessories and endless batteries you certainly could afford to pay your AuD of choice for adjustments. Gotta love folks who get free stuff then cry about it.

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