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Thread: mini pro pricing

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    Heavy sigh,,, Geez itís hard to imagine how we managed to get along thus far? Who knew that our haplessly efforts were in such dire need of >>collection into stickie threads<<? And, that we should be revisiting years-old-devices to see it they can now pass muster?

    imo> half-baked ideas about self programming are a distraction, and not helpful. >>Tribute: lip-sync MM<<
    That is indeed your opinion.
    Again...I'm only wondering about the use of these other devices. Not suggesting that anyone run out and get one at great cost just to try. If they have one...give it a whirl and see what happens. Heck...if anyone has upgraded from those "lesser" brands and still has the box then I'll pay your cost of mailing it to me and I'll give it a whirl myself and send it back at my cost whether positive or negative.

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    z10user2:The probability of going to Mars as an astronaut is much greater than the chance some Programming box accidentally works with randomly selected Fitting software.
    I tried to tell you that each software uses special libraries, and each Programming box uses specially designed drivers, but I do not seem to be clear enough!
    All companies only have to support of the Hi-Pro.Try to understand why the miniPro USB box also works with all the Fitting software!

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    Thanks for your time horia.

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