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Thread: Battery Test Data, Contributed by one of our Members

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    Quote Originally Posted by ohgary View Post
    Failure rates are about the same regardless of who's name is on the package. For $12-15 I can get 60 batterys to meet my needs for a year.
    I think your math is wrong - unless you only have one HA. If a battery lasts a week - you would need 50-60 for ONE for a year. Two HA would take twice as many. I agree - not much diff. between "no-name" and expensive branded - not enuf to make up price diff.
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    I only have one HA..

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    Please feel free to point out the error to my logic here, but has anyone tried using different brands at the same time? I.e. Use Rayovac in one HA and Duracell in the other. That would give a mostly similar side by side comparison. Then take the "winner" of that one and compare it to a different brand.

    Of course if you only wear one HA this wouldn't work

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    One hearing aid could be set to a different volume and use more power.

    How about switching HA's each day until one runs out of power?

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    How are you disposing of dead batteries?

    I collect mine (all sizes, not just HA batteries) in a Ziplock bag and recycle them when the baggie is full. The audiologist office, electronics or big box home supply stores, public sanitation or fire departments and some tool suppliers are possible drop off sites for earth-friendly disposal alternatives.
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