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Thread: America Hears - Sams Club in Florida

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    Default America Hears - Sams Club in Florida

    Has anyone purchased America Hears HAs from Sams Club in Florida?

    I am about to go to their hearing center for a test in preparation for buying online. BUT may even buy them there.

    Would like to hear from anyone who has done the same and know about your experience with them.


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    Could you explain the situation a bit? Does Sam's Club have an audi who will help you with the fit and after-sale stuff? Or are they doing exactly what you could be doing - buying them straight from AH? How does Sam's price compare to AH's?
    These are all the questions I'd be asking. I'm a first-time wearer and I bought Amer. Hears top-of-the-line aids and I like them a lot. I like their adjustment software that I loaded into my computer. someone on these boards made the comment that an audi only knows what you tell them, and not very specifically at that. "Comfortable, too loud, or satisfactory" don't add a heck of a lot to any fitters ability to make adjustments. But having your own computer program that you can access to make adjustments yourself while you're wearing your HAs is a fabulous advantage and benefit IMO.
    Good luck, whatever you decide.

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    Default Sams Club for America Hears

    Went to Sams Club yesterday, a 1-1/2 hour drive from our home. The audi there fits, programs, etc., etc.

    The problem is if I buy there, I have to return for fittings. It doesn't work the same as buying straight from AH. And I am not about to be that far from my audie.

    So, I got the test and faxed the info to AH. Am waiting to hear whether they have a model that I can use.

    Been wearing HAs for eleven years. First audie could program to my satisfaction after a couple tries. Since we have moved, cannot find anyone who can adjust them. So hoping I can get a pair from AH that I will be able to adjust myself. Actually, looking forward to it.

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