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Thread: Are Analogs Better than Digitals??

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    Thumbs up Turning off the Feedback Suppression helped me too.

    Thanks to your Posts... I had the feedback suppression turned off for my music program and it was a tremendous help. Even when I listen to anything coming from an amplified speaker source such as spoken voice from a CD or radio streaming talk show via the computer ... I need to use my "music program ♫" to be able to hear it clearer.

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    I once gave my wife my aids, she said that she hears very little difference. I spoke to an employee at my audi-shop, she said that she likes the sound of oticon and bernafon best, she tries all the aids.

    Iīd like to repeat what I said before: On a digital aid, you can turn off all the things that disturb you, whereas on an analog aid you canīt turn on those things that help understand speech in difficult situations.

    It might be that often too many fancy things are turned on. In my standard program, there is no noise reduction, no feedback suppression, just amplification, compression and a little directionality. I also had the feel that my sense of direction for sounds is better when everything is turned off, maybe because of less delay (Um Bongo: Do you really hear the delay? How do you hear that?)
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    Sorry if I sound like a broken record but I find digital manipulation of an analog signal (real life sounds) very unpleasant and easy to identify. I suspect that not everyone is sensitive to this but many subscribers to this forum are easily able to differentiate a digital from an analog signal and prefer the analog signal. Notice how members who previously used an analog HA are unable to adjust to a digital HA especially for music. I cannot listen to CDs (perfect sound forever) for the same reason although I can listen to SACDs (double the sampling rate of CDs).
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