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Thread: First sounds you heard with HA's

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    When I came out of the hospital from having my aids reprogrammed there was a loud sound. I am still rubbish at localising sounds so I thought for some reason the noise was in my bag. I tipped everything out going crazy looking for my pager or something and realised it was actually a guy up a ladder doing works on the hospital roof!! I thought it was that close cos it was loud!

    Speaking of own voices, I wish my mum realised how loud she was in public when she talks about other people. Makes me want to fall into a hole when she leans over and "whispers" that that's the woman who has been done for ____ing the vicar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnaK View Post
    Just wondering what everyone heard when putting on their HA's for the first time. Sounds that you never heard before or that you haven't heard for a long time.

    For me, this is kind of funny, but the furnace actually scared me. Also, I had no idea that the refrigerator made such a constant noise.

    for me when I was wearing my first HAs it's the sound of music maybe
    I couldn't remember my 1st sounds atfer I was turned on

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    The first thing I remember hearing was my husband "sniffing". He has allergies and is constantly "sniffing". It scared me that first time! I remember sitting there jumping at everything. I must have looked like a startled rabbit! When I got into the car, the blinker was LOUD! I never realized it made that noise. The sink at home, the refridgerator. I spent a few days following noises at home to find out what they were. Everytime I heard a new one, I'd jump and have to find it so that I could be sure it wasn't something wrong. Another funny one was a tapping pen. I absent mindedly tap my pen. The first time I did it with my HA on, I couldn't figure out what the annoying noise was! I was pretty embarrassed when I realized it was me! LOL
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    I went to try on some hearing aids (Oticon Agil, but getting the Ino on Wednesday woohoo!) I was taken outside to experience the street noises and a woman walked by with keys jangling and I flipped!! I could hear them so clearly! Then a guy with change in his pockets walked by too I was like what?? hehe Oh my fav was the truck driving by and the sound of the tires on the road. Fantastic! So excited to start hearing again.

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    Cricketts, high wind through tree leaves, cloths washer, everything was almost overwhelming, but, as time past I just love to hear stuff, especially my grandson.
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    Driving home I panicked because my car was making a stange clicking sound sometimes. Couldn't figure it out. Found out from the wife, that happens when you use the turn signal. Another that sticks out is a lady in high heels walking on the sidewalk. The sad part was learning I don't live in a quiet neighborhood.

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    Got the remote volume control the other day. When I got in my car, i cranked up the volume and for the first time in over twenty years, heard the rain pattering on the roof of my car. Sat and enjoyed it for over five minutes.

    Turn signals, shoe laces, lots of noises that I haven't heard in years.
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    Fluorescent Lights!
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    OK so i've been wearing aids for 30 years and I got my first one when I was 5. I remember going down the corridor of the hospital after having my first HA fitted and walking with my head down staring at my feet, I'd had no idea your footsteps made a sound. Cars freaked me out as i didnt realise they were so noisy. I've recently gotten new HA's and was surprised to find out how noisy my office is...and one of my colleagues is really shouty!!! Need to turn the volume down when i talk to her!

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    Birds had returned to our neighborhood and crickets too and the toaster had a bell when the toast was done !
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