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Thread: Video to convey hearing loss to non-hearing loss people...

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    Ok, so does anyone have any good videos (nothing corny) that convey what it's like to have hearing loss?
    I know we all having different types/amounts of loss and different lifestyles. But friends and family seem to not always understand what it's like to have a hearing loss, and how much it really affects our lifestyle.

    This is one video I cam across:

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    Boy, I wish I could hear that video. My experience is that most people don't really care about a persons hearing loss.

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    Not a video, but numerous hearing aid software has a feature where after inputting your audiogram and some particulars you can listen to a simulation of your loss. To you, your loss will be doubled but to your family with normal hearing, they can get a pretty good idea of what you hear.
    Resound is fairly small and has the simulated loss feature

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    I like this one:

    One of my favourite uses for this one is when people accuse someone of being 'selectively deaf' because they find some situations harder listening than others, or access visual and contextual clues. I often ask people to listen to the 'moderate loss' first and see what they can understand, then try the 'normal hearing' and go back and listen again to the moderate loss. First time through the moderate you cannot understand a thing, once you know what they are saying you can hardly figure out why you didn't understand it the first time! So my friends and family tell me...

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