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Thread: Acceptable Use of this Forum

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    Default Acceptable Use of this Forum

    As stated on the signup page and in other areas of our forum, the forum's intent has always been to provide a positive place for hearing aid users and professionals to gather with the intent to help each other out, share information and share their experiences in a friendly and supportive environment.

    I started this forum, as I noticed that other forums contained were controlled by people who berated other users, attacked their opinions or were overly sales oriented or dominated by hearing aid manufacturers or online sellers.

    I want to maintain this type of environment and want to thank the majority of our users for keeping this a friendly and helpful place for each other.

    Unfortunately, there have been a few individuals that, in my opinion, have not upheld these values. Thus, some users, due to their overly aggressive posts, attacks on other's opinions and/or overly commercial use of this forum, have been banned from the forum and/or their posts have been deleted permanently.

    I believe that the majority of the forum users will agree, as I believe most of you want to maintain a positive environment without disparaging remarks and being bombarded by advertising.

    Should any users have any questions or concerns, please PM me. As for any users that have been banned and/or their posts deleted, please respect that as the owner of this forum, I reserve this right and it is not negotiable.

    As for our regular users, I thank you whole heartedly for sharing information and experiences with each other. Even as a professional I have learned a lot from you all and thank you all for this.

    We will also be updating the forum and adding a few different categories based on some of the suggestions made by our users, such as sub categories based on manufacturer and other more specific categories to cut down the time to search for the related topics.

    Update July 9, 2014:

    This forum was started a few years ago (2006) to be a place for unbiased opinions for hearing aid users and also for professionals to also provide their expertise, kind of a way to give back to the community.

    It is sponsored solely by, which is a company I own. Yet, as you all can see, we don't advertise our products or actively remove posts that point to other competitors as sources for batteries and accessories, as that was not the purpose of the forum. I am also affiliated with a hearing aid practice in Hawaii and have dispensed hearing aids for over 15 years.

    In addition, we have received offers to purchase the forum, most often from hearing aid manufacturers and we have flatly refused, as it would undermine the unbiased nature of the forum. We also have refused ads for hearing aids, as I don't want monetization to be the focus of the forum. Rather, the focus should be that the forum is a place people can help each other out.

    There are costs and time involved to keep the forum active, as nothing is free, including hosting. Yet, the most costly thing for us is keeping spammers out and keeping the forum as free of junk and advertising as possible, as there are costs related to the labor to fulfill these functions.

    Thus us I would like to thank all the users who have reported spam.

    Lastly, although I want to intervene as little as possible, please keep your comments courteous and respectful. We are all adults here, so please be mindful and be courteous, to each other.

    Thank you.

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    Thank you for what you do...
    Hi!Hidden Content Dick
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    Or Hidden Content for my "speech Banana"

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    This forum is a service to HOH and their families, and has made a positive difference for many of us. Thanks, Admin.
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    I wholeheartedly agree. Thank you for the invaluable help.

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    Smile This forum

    Who ever you are that is looking after this forum, you are doing a wonderful job. Please keep up the good work.
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    Thanks for your attention to quality control. Very helpful.
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    The sad part about a statement like this, is that the first thing I did was to log in to make sure I hadn't been banned. Not that I haven't been anything but on my best behaviour.

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    Me, too Hask12, me too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdtruly View Post
    Thanks for your attention to quality control. Very helpful.
    thanxs admin, is nice to have you back

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