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Thread: Acceptable Use of this Forum

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    All in all, now a more user friendly forum. Thanks again, Admin.
    My Audiogram
    0250Hz L-15 R-15
    0500Hz L-15 R-25
    1000Hz L-25 R-30
    1500Hz L-40 R-40
    2000Hz L-55 R-40
    3000Hz L-85 R-55
    4000Hz L-85 R-75
    6000Hz L-95 R-85
    8000Hz L-100 R-95

    Rexton Trax 42

  2. Cool Hello

    It took me along time to find this forum. They don't make it easy. When you are looking for real information about hearing aids you have to fill out questionairs. I really appreciate this forum and have learned quite a bit.
    Thank you

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    I certainly am thankful that our administrator is diligently keeping the forum free of spam and personal vituperation. We owe him our cooperation and our gratitude. I watched another forum be destroyed by personal slights and intemporate posts. One poster even questioned the sexual orientation of another poster. As I said it got so bad that it destroyed the forum.

    On the matter of keeping the posts friendly. That is, of course, a matter of interpretation. What is friendly to a HOH might be deemed unfriendly to our professionals.

    This is particularly true when posts discuss on going industry commercial practices....some of which are subject to strong opinions. One would hope that such posts are factual and are representative. As long as the posts fairly and truly are representative of industry practice, one would hope that they will not present a problem for our administrator. Ed

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    I came to this forum hoping to find user or unbiased professional help. I think I've found what I needed. Thanks for the help keeping it that way!

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    this forum is truly dedicated to making it better for the consumer and the professional.

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    admin... it will be nice to hear more from you from time to time

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    I was on one of the forums for awhile that I felt that my ideas were stupid and I was dump for asking. That was almost 4 years ago. And I have not been on a hard of hearing forum until I found this one and I love it.
    Thanks so much and I hope it can stay this way

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    Default Very helpful.

    Thanks for keeping this thing professional. A little debate is often welcomed but sometimes it can get down right mean and ugly. You appear to be keeping this form informative and educational. I have learned a tremendous amount since getting Ha's
    last year and participating in this forum. The best part is my wife is smiling a lot more now that I can hear!!

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    While I've only been on the forum a few days, I've founded very helpful in gaining an understanding of hearing aids. Thanks so much to the administrator.


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    Great Job admin This is a really geat resource for people

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