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Thread: Acceptable Use of this Forum

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    Exactly what I'm looking for.

    I've been a part of other support forums (fora??) where a few very active posters border on bullying, my-way-or-the-highway behavior, and it does make for an intimidating atmosphere and reduce newbie participation. Or there can be posters who think they have a "Constitutionally guaranteed right of free speech," when of course, the U.S. Constitution guarantees no such thing in any privately run forum or business enterprise--the Bill of Rights only blocks most government suppression of speech. Also, there can be people with a sales agenda who mislead users looking for unbiased advice.

    So thank you, Admin, for moderating the forum actively and encouraging positive member behavior.

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    I also want to add my complements on a good forum. It has been very helpful to me.

    One comment (there always has to be at least one), some of the sub-forums seem to overlap. If there is a way to redefine those forums that do overlap, it would help with searching the different topics.

    L&R 250hz -30, 500hz -40, 1000hz -55, 1500hz 60, 2000hz -65, 3000hz -75, 4000hz 85, 6000hz -90

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    great to find a helpful site for info on hear and hearing aid help.
    It is a most important part of our life--our senses-- and to be involved.
    Our hearing is so important.Any help,I am very grateful for,
    I am learning how to read audiograms-for understanding my disability.

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    I do very much appreciate this forum. It would be alot of work / time to oversee an endeavor such as this. I have tried to participate in other forums and have not been treated as respectfully as I have been in here.

    Again, thank you for your forum and your moderation.


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    Yes, many many thanks to you and everyone that participates in this forum. I'm new to HAs and will be purchasing my first pair within the next 2 or 3 weeks. I have searched the internet far and wide to try and find out as much information as I can regarding the different models. This forum has been a great help and I always stumble upon new information. What I would love to see is more video reviews of hearing aids on YouTube and link to them from here. There were some good ones from a group called HearingAidDocs but they haven't made any video posts recently.

    I would find it extremely helpful if we as a community began posting videos of their particular models giving the pros and cons. Perhaps we can all come up with a rating system and criteria we can rate against.

    Thanks again to everyone.


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    Quote Originally Posted by leomtodd View Post
    It took me along time to find this forum. They don't make it easy. When you are looking for real information about hearing aids you have to fill out questionairs. I really appreciate this forum and have learned quite a bit.
    Thank you
    Purchased "Behind the Ear" hearing aids made by a Swiss Company, Bernafon from Costco..perhaps 4 years ago. They were reasonable in price and have needed an adjustment only one time. I researched for 2 years prior to this purchase..could have paid 5K from a small family owned dispenser. They would have been more accessible, as no true wait for an appointment. I decided spending thousands less made more sense and have been VERY satisfied with my Costco purchase.

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    Thank-you for the tremendous service you provide to all of us. There is a special place in heaven for you!

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    Default New Category for Forum

    This forum has been a great help for me in my search for better hearing. I recently had a pair of Oticon HA left to me by my mother. They were only a year old but were not strong enough for my hearing loss. I listed them on Ebay and found a very appreciative person who needed a pair of aids but couldn't afford the high price of a new purchase. I would bet there are a lot of people who have recent HA purchases and others who don't have insurance or other means to afford the new cost who would like to see a category in this forum for selling aids. If not a listing for a direct sale, it could be an announcement for a sale on Ebay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Admin View Post
    As stated on the signup page and in other areas of our forum, the forum's intent has always been to provide a positive place for hearing aid users and professionals to gather with the intent to help each other out, share information and share their experiences in a friendly and supportive environment.

    I started this forum, as I noticed that other forums contained were controlled by people who berated other users, attacked their opinions or were overly sales oriented or dominated by hearing aid manufacturers or online sellers.

    I want to maintain this type of environment and want to thank the majority of our users for keeping this a friendly and helpful place for each other.

    Unfortunately, there have been a few individuals that, in my opinion, have not upheld these values. Thus, some users, due to their overly aggressive posts, attacks on other's opinions and/or overly commercial use of this forum, have been banned from the forum and/or their posts have been deleted permanently.

    I believe that the majority of the forum users will agree, as I believe most of you want to maintain a positive environment without disparaging remarks and being bombarded by advertising.

    Should any users have any questions or concerns, please PM me. As for any users that have been banned and/or their posts deleted, please respect that as the owner of this forum, I reserve this right and it is not negotiable.

    As for our regular users, I thank you whole heartedly for sharing information and experiences with each other. Even as a professional I have learned a lot from you all and thank you all for this.

    We will also be updating the forum and adding a few different categories based on some of the suggestions made by our users, such as sub categories based on manufacturer and other more specific categories to cut down the time to search for the related topics.
    dear sir i understand you and respect this forum , even if some body give values and opinions on the members questions, overall people are getting benifit from this forum as dealers and audiologist wants some good business with less profit as the compition increases extremely then the customers get more offers, i suggest you to keep a forum in this as saying offers at different places and country,already they are suffering from hearing loss let them be happy with great offers and lowest prices

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    I agree. Thank you for your work.

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