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    I have just been diagnosed w/ otosclerosis. I would like to know what kind style and brand of hearing aids I should get. I don't really have $ 2000 to spend on each one. Also if there are any registered nurses out there with hearing aids what do you do about stethoscopes?


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    Willowloo1: If your hearing loss is predominantly "conductive," (from the otosclerosis), you are fortunate in that you just need more "volume" (the vast majority of people with hearing loss have the "nerve" type of loss, so their needs can be more complicated). In my experience, patients with otosclerosis (who haven't undergone surgery, I might add) hear well even with very economical hearing aids. I'd start with something basic first and you'll probably do fine. There are amplified stethoscopes; perhaps someone else can paste a link.

    Good Luck -

    Audi w/25 yrs. +

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    Found all kinds of amplified stethoscopes at – here is a link:

    With regard to the style of hearing aid – that will depend on what can fit your loss. I know that with a pair of receiver in the ear (RIE) HI’s designed for mild-moderate hearing loss, I can still get some generic ear bud headphones into the concha and listen to an ipod without needing to remove the hearing aids – so the stethoscope should also work I would think. Of course if you need a closed fitting that might not work so well – but a good Audi could definitely help you out with that!

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