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    This isn't a tinnitus thing, I mean when you think you hear stuff, real noises. I am constantly wondering if I just heard the doorbell or the phone ringing or something. I had the doorbell replaced completely because I used to get woken up in the night as much as twice a week (sometimes in the same night) by imaginary doorbells ringing.

    I don't think it's like tinnitus or anything, I suppose maybe because a lot of sounds are very similar to me which are distinctive to others, like my husband can tell if a sound effect is real or on TV and I can't. And also cos so often I have to guess if I have heard something or not, or if it really is what I hear, where it came from, etc. I am worried I might miss these sounds so I jump at them. If I am expecting to receive a parcel I can hear the doorbell in my head 8 times in one morning, it's terribly stressful! I don't think I'd notice a single light-flash either, I wish there was a light on the doorbell which confirmed if it had rung, or it kept ringing till you answered it like the phone does.

    Anyway, is this just me, or do others have trouble with imaginary noises?

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    I beleive that if you check you can get a light setup that will flash when the door bell rangs. I believe that if you check with some of the hard of hearing supply companies on the web you can find what you are looking for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoseRodent View Post
    I don't think I'd notice a single light-flash either,
    I can't find anything which will STAY lit up when the bell has been pushed. If it just flashed I wouldn't be sure if I saw it or not either!

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    I know what you mean by the imaginary sounds. I think we are subconsiously worried we won't hear something that we imagine we do hear it. I remember years ago that I would hear things while drying my hair (this may have even been before I was diagnosed with hearing loss). I don't think it has anything to do with our hearing loss.

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    Light set up for hearing disables is great alternative. It helps them and we can set them in all rooms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeniferdesauza View Post
    Light set up for hearing disables is great alternative. It helps them and we can set them in all rooms.
    Rose, I know what you mean. Everyday life is so full of electronic beeps and tones. A big difference for me is of course how noisy it is, but If I am anticipating a cell phone call, for instance, I will be able to pick that sound out. As often as not someone will tell me my phone is ringing, and I will pay attention and yes I can hear the ring.
    It also happens that someone will walk up behind me and I will not hear them until they are right on top of me, or tap me on the shoulder. It will startle me.
    Pretty insidious this hard of hearing stuff.

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    Not to alarm anyone but I have experienced the same sort of things and concluded they are a form of hallucination. In the shower I often think I hear the phone ring or my wife calling for me. I have concluded that the brain tries to organize the random jumbled sounds of water splashing and echoes in the shower stall. From time to time the random forms enough of a pattern that it interprets as a familiar sound. My theory is this is magnified in those with hearing loss as our brains are already working harder to make sense out of what we hear. That's my theory, for what it's worth.
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