Am new here and sorry to resurrect an old thread but if RWS is still around, or anyone else who has been fitted with a similar system - I am curious as to how it worked out listening to the radio sound without its sounds being amplified through the hearing aid?
I wear BTE Spirit Zests for mid to high frequency hearing loss, currently open fit but may need to move to a mould, and am starting to use an Airwave radio for work. I am glad I found this post as I recently spoke to my audiologist who said they had been able to make a custom mould for a police motorcyclist but it was only to get the radio sound closer to the ear drum - that the hearing aid could not also be directed through the mould (for a reason they didn't really explain but which may have been because of the possibility of feedback). So it is good to know that it is possible!
I am also trying to find a way to have the radio sound amplified at the frequencies I need so I don't have to deafen myself further by having the radio turned up really loud! Will post separately but if anyone does read this and has come across this issue I would really appreciate any suggestions.