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Thread: Trouble Shooting Siemens Tek/TV/MP3

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    Love my new Tek remote with my aids mainly because of the bluetooth connection with my cell phone. It's also great for listening on my laptop (if I can locate the wire).

    Two problems though . . . 1) I can't get the TV sound in my aids for more the 3 seconds, then it's gone. Even if I go right in front of the TV, I can't get anything. Is this a common problem, or am I doing something wrong??

    Also, the Ipod use sucks. First, the sound is like one of those old am radios (noooo base). Secondly, the ipod and the remote have to be very close together to work.

    These are issues I am going to discuss with my Audi. She seems knowledgable about the aids (and will likely add more base for the ipod mode), but she doesn't seem too smart with the tek remote. Would love any help or suggestions.

    Thank you.

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    You raise a number of issues regarding your:

    o The not hearing any base, is one that I can address.

    The hearing aids have been programmed to only present what it amplifies based upon
    your high frequency hearing loss. It does not pass on the low frequencies.

    There are ways to reprogam them to let you hear the base, but don't remember the details.
    ps: This has been adressed before on;
    however, it may have been under the BlueTooth section rather than the Digital Hearing Aids section...

    ps2: I don't have those problems; mine work fine;
    but my hearing is not so bad that I need to use the Tek even though I have it.

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    Stina63, I see this is an old post. If you haven't figured it out yet, you don't need a wire to connect to your laptop if it has BT. Put your Tek Remote in pairing mode, then search for it from laptop. Once you pair them, you can switch to your Tek Connect program on the Tek Remote, go into laptop BT settings and turn on your Tek Remote for stereo audio and all computer sound streams via BT through the tech remote to your HAs. No cable needed.
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