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Thread: Qleaf Pro new Hearing Aid from ExSilent

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    Ytango provides natural directionality due to Microphone and Receiver in Canal. Ytango is modular, so no need for ear impressions. Instead, Ytango is inserted in the ear with a soft dome.

    The fitting range is for a mild to moderately-severe hearing loss

    Ytango offers:
    · Three sizes soft domes
    · Three sizes for the connector / wire
    · Three available colors (black, titanium and champagne)
    · Soft dome available in open and closed fit
    · Three options:
    o Ytango – with one program
    o Ytango Pro - with AirTAP functionality, and 4 programs. AirTAP = switch to next program by gentle tapping your ear (switches to next program because of the air pressure difference)
    o Ytango Pro-T - with Telecoil and AirTAP functionality

    I hope this helps.
    When will the Ytango be released and do you have any dealers in the San Jose, CA area?

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    It is an excellent product in terms of esthetics. I have seen Q and Q leaf in EUHA last year but Ytango wasn't lunched yet. Do you have any dealers in Greece??

    Also tell us the estimated price for Q, Qleaf, Qleaf Pro and Ytango.

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    I am currently using the QLeafPro.

    here is my review about it.

    hope this helps.

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    I have exsilent Q leaf pro, I absolutely LOVE IT! It is CIC without complicated earmolding technology, silicone plugs hold the microphone and reciever in the canal device and you can change the monthly silicone ear plug like you would disposable contact lenses. You are going to have to demand this from your audiologist.... and good luck with that!
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    I am having trouble tracking down a supplier in the LA area, anyone know of one?


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