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Thread: Lyric or Otolens

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    Default Lyric or Otolens

    Taking size into consideration and not loss if a candidate is not suited for otolens will lyric be able to fit in him/ her ears???

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    Lyric will fit the most common ear canal sizes and shapes but definitely not all. If your ear canals twist or bend more than most, or are too small or large, that can knock you out of the recommended use box. You have to be examined by a Lyric-certified audiologist, and even if the audi pronounces your loss and your ear canal size and shape appropriate for Lyric, you really have to try them. Lyric will give you one 30 day free no-obligation trial if you're an appropriate candidate. Some people who try them find them uncomfortable.
    2013 Audiogram
    Hz250.....0500...1000...1500..2000....3000....40 00...6000....8000
    L...20.......15........30........40........40..... ..45.......40.......55........65
    R...15.......20........30........40........40..... ..30.......55.......55........65

    Speech disc:
    L: 100% at 60 dB
    R: 100% at 60 dB

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    If the aid doesn't make you uncomfortable, the price will. Lease the Lyric for $3500/yr paid up front for analog HA. No refunds.

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    what other options are available for HAs that cant be seen by others

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    Siemens iMini and Starkey Soundlens

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    otolens and soundlens are not for my canals

  7. Default Invisible Hearing Aids : Permanent vs Removable

    Just a quick thought on the Lyric : One thing you hear all the time from hearing aid wearers is they like to take some time to take the hearing aids out once a day and just sit and relax. The Starkey Soundlens, Otolens or the Audiosync iSync are easily removed and have a 60 day money back guarantee in the UK through Ascent Hearing.

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    Holy geez...
    I don't see how the Lyric will be around very long? The price is outrageous for what it is..

    I know lots of folks worry about whether or not people will see their aids, well, I can tell you 9/10 times I can "see" people that have a hearing loss plain as day as I encounter them in normal day to day activities...I don't always notice everyone that wears a hearing aid.

    There really are tons of better options than the lyric, if you are a candidate for a RIC or Open fit they are very discreet, get yourself a remote even more so..(so you don't need to fiddle w/ a program change button..) but I cringe at the thought of the lyric...I don't see anything there that justifies the price IMHO..

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    Quote Originally Posted by carnutfl View Post
    If the aid doesn't make you uncomfortable, the price will. Lease the Lyric for $3500/yr paid up front for analog HA. No refunds.
    I agree with him.. the price are expensive.. 5 years will cost you $17,500 while you can get a conventional hearing aids, the life cycle of the hearing aids usually 4 - 5 years and the cost of 2 hearing aids $5,000 - $6,500.

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    Apart from the crazy rental price issues it should also be remembered that Lyric are not digital aids... they're only analogue.

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